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Professional Development visit to the New York Knicks

Posted: 8 August 2012

2012 Visit to the New York Knicks – Basketball. S&C Bill Burgos.

Met with Bill as he took Jared Jeffries (Power forward / Center) through his paces. Turns out Jared has just been picked up by the Portland Trail Blazers. Crazy thing was that Jared has a place in Blenheim, NZ he goes to fish and relax.

With each NBA team ploughing their way through 82 games in the regular season; it is bound to take a physical toll on the athlete. So just as the NY Giants place a massive emphasis on recovery, so to do the Knicks, investing heavily both in dollars and time to use cryogenic chambers.

Interestingly, plyometrics are not a regular part of their in-season programme. I guess given the number of games and jumping they do during a game, the conditioning coaches are better off spending time in other areas.

Plyometrics in general provides plenty of good discussion. My thoughts…

People tend to get a little gun shy at the first sight of soreness when plyometrics are introduced to a training programme. At the end of the day training age, skill level and intensity are the major indicators to an athlete’s readiness. It’s not simply age or strength. Kids hop skip and jump everyday (they are all plyometric activities) and strong guys don’t always handle repetitive jumping.

Explosive power has a direct impact on acceleration and multi-directional speed as ground forces have a direct impact on propulsion and movement speed. Studies have shown athletes in a well-designed programme of stretching, plyometric training and weight training reduced their landing forces from a jump by up to 20%, and can increase their hamstrings strength by up to 45%.……. perhaps rather than me rabbit on, it’s worth taking a look at the XLR8 Silver course.

With limited prep time leading into the 2011-12 season due to the ‘player lockout’, all training time and games are heavily monitored across the 15 players. To that end, the support staff includes: a head S&C, assistant, 2 trainers, physio & athlete performance director.

3 points to finish on:

  • Speed and Agility play a major role in team warms up.
  • Team performance nutrition is a work on.
  • Movement screening is carried out preseason and used for individual programme design.

Cheers JT

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