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Professional Development visit to the New York Giants

Posted: 1 August 2012

What a massive month for XLR8 Sports Training. The new websites launched and Coaching Director – Jamie Tout had the opportunity to knock on the doors of some of the world’s sporting icons in New York.

On a professional development visit funded by High Performance Sport New Zealand, Jamie was throwing around ideas with world class Strength and Conditioning Coaches (S&C) across all the major codes across America. If he was looking to find a real life ‘Transformer’…. a.k.a - a human being disguised as a freight train, well this was the place for it.

The NY Giants, NY Knicks, NY Rangers, NY Yankees, NY Red Bulls and Columbia University kindly opened their doors and hosted Jamie for a series of meetings that not only proved to hugely beneficial in his development, but show cased some of the world’s premier training centres and most elite athletes walking the earth today.

From this point on – these are purely Jamie’s observations, the BIG ROCK’S that makes the programmes tick and the highlights from a whirlwind 12 day visit. Over the next few weeks, Jamie will post some observations from each of these visits. Starting today with the NY Giants. At every visit, apart from sharing experience, Jamie also shared a Toki with the S&C.

Be sure to check out the pics in the XLR8 Sports Training Facebook albums

2012 Visit to the New York Giants – American Football. Current Super Bowl Champions. S&C Jerry Palmieri.

Jerry is widely respected as one of the best in the game, having spent 8yrs with the same coach. When you are dealing with athletes the size and speed of Chris Canty, you need to be on your game. Canty is one of 50+ elite athletes that push tin around the Giants High Performance Centre, after they whittle it down from 90+ in the pre-season. One of the team was in preparing for the season ahead and made an impression. Hard not to being 317lb (144kg), 6'7" (201cm) Defensive lineman. Compare that to Dave Taylor in the NRL who is 122kg and 188cm, one of the biggest in rugby league ... then you start to appreciate the size of these guys.

If you want to know how to get big guys moving fast, then the NY Giants have a very good model. Very limited aerobic work… it is all about the POWER. To put that in context, they would do very little over 200yds (183m) at a time and total a max of 1600yds (1463m) in any of their structured interval sessions. This would seem par for the course in the NFL. But when the big boys put the foot down, they are covering g 40yds (37m) in 4.5-4.7secs. Sharp!

Power to me is a simple concept that many trainers get badly wrong. It is like this:

Speed x Strength = Power. Athletes need to develop both, they are not exclusive.

If a strength score for an athlete was 2, and the athlete's speed score also was 2, the hypothetical power rating would be: 2x2 = 4

Doubling strength without altering speed would double power: 4x2 = 8

If the same athlete made only a 50% gain in strength and an equal gain in speed, the power rating would be: 3x3 = 9.

The NY Giants have laid out their gym to focus pure and simple on the big Olympic movements and at the grass roots, scouting relies on speed and agility, not endurance in any way shape or form. Aside to lifting tin, it was very apparent that Jerry places a big emphasis on trigger point therapy and self-massage / foam rollers. Prehab and recovery are key when titans collide.

I will make a few more notes in the NY Giants Facebook album and upload my diary notes from other visits soon. Cheers JT

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