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VX Sport launches a sports revolution

Posted: 10 February 2012
VX Sport is excited to launch its new 3rd Generation athlete monitoring device. Smaller, lighter and with a greater range than ever before, it has quickly been adopted by the Warriors for the 2012 NRL, Quiksilver to monitor the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast and by Ch9 Cricket for the Australian Cricket summer.

The units have been designed in New Zealand by a team of sports and technology professionals, and offers an easy to use, affordable means to monitor athletic activity.

The VX Sport system has been designed for elite athletes, coaches, trainers, physios and the weekend warrior. XLR8 has been very much hands on in the evolution of these units and use them regularly to monitor athlete workloads and make programme changes that affect athlete performance.
Aside from measuring speed, distance and heart rate, these powerfully little units also provide an insight to the athletes unique biometric footprint to show leg force and body imbalances.

Keep your eye out on Ch9 during the Cricket for the ‘Bupa Tracker’ and on FUEL TV during the Quiksilver Pro for this year’s fastest surfer!

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