XLR8 Sports Training

Realise your potential as a trainer or coach of team sports.

XLR8 courses focus on the most up to date methods of improving physical performance to give you the sporting edge. Combine excellent theory and best practice with innovative and highly effective training aids.

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Our trainers will design an exercise program to optimize your performance and wellbeing.

XLR8 ONLINE gives you access to a network of internationally recognised trainers that can share their expertise to help you get where you need to be faster, no matter where you are in the world.

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CATS is a targeted training programme for college athletes who have an elite vision.

The College Athlete Training System ‘CATS’ is a unique group training programme which offers a comprehensive approach to athletic development to prepare 15-18 year old athletes for entry into elite sports or sporting academies.

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Elite athletic management and training systems for athletes and teams.

Our Elite Training and Mentoring Programme (ETM) only accepts up to 10 trainers per year who are looking to gain the extra edge in their specialist field.

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