XLR8 Sports Training

These exciting courses will radically improve your ability and knowledge as a trainer, athlete, coach or teacher.

XLR8 courses focus on the most up to date methods of improving physical performance to give you the sporting edge. Combine excellent theory and best practice with innovative and highly effective training aids.

You can complete the courses in person or via our e-courses. The e-courses are a great way to up skill in your own time and you won't miss out on any of the great resources. The e-courses feature hours of on demand video delivery, skills demonstrations, data presentations and full colour training guides - you won't miss a thing!

XLR8 practical courses are run throughout the year at a variety of locations, these are a great way to meet fellow trainers and speak directly with one of our XLR8 Sports Training Experts. Graduates of the programme are certified with an internationally recognised award.

XLR8 Sports Training courses were pioneered by what has become an industry standard in speed and agility training through XLR8 BRONZE and SILVER courses. Both of which are available now.

Don't live by what you know, live to know more. It's time to XLR8!

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XLR8 Bronze
  • Mechanics of Linear Speed
  • Stride Correction / Development
  • Speed Strength & Loaded Sprinting
  • Foundation Balance & Foot Speed
  • Mechanics of Multi-Directional Speed
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XLR8 Silver
  • Lateral Speed
  • Overspeed / Contrast Training
  • Loaded Agility
  • Explosive Power and Plyometrics
  • Group Agility Programmes
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XLR8 Gold
  • Athlete Monitoring
  • Measurement & Athlete Evaluation
  • Skill Analysis
  • Strength Training & Speed Potential
  • Group vs. Individual Programme Considerations
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Courses coming soon

Cricket Conditioning – Level 1

  • Strength and Power Training for Cricketers
  • Endurance Training for Cricketers
  • Speed Training for Cricketers
  • Core Training for Cricketers
  • Warm Ups and Recovery

Cricket Conditioning – Level 2

  • Bowling and Throwing Conditioning
  • Injury Prehabilitation and Management
  • Cricket Assessments and Screening
  • Periodisation of the Cricket season
  • Nutrition for cricketers

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