XLR8 Sports Training

XLR8 Sports Training provides a turnkey solution to allow personal trainers and strength/conditioning coaches to focus on what they do best. Training people and athletes out in the field… not sitting behind a desk.

By harnessing the power of the XLR8 business framework and with access to online tools, administration and resources we can help multiply your revenue.

Join the XLR8 Sports Training network and work with some of the best trainers and brains in the industry. Our centralised content and communications platform will allow you to publish your thinking and collaborate with other XLR8 Trainers around the world.

We're looking for the best in the business. We want you!

If you are keen to find out more about owning your own XLR8 Sports Training License then drop me a line. I will personally get back to you.

Its time to XLR8!


Jamie Tout
XLR8 Sport Training - Coach Director

Write your own programmes and benefit

Being an XLR8 License holder means you are joining an exclusive group of trainers and coaches who have all reached significant levels of accomplishment within the wider training and coaching industry. Additional to the administrative, training and knowledge base materials that we will provide, there is the opportunity for you to invest in the process and provide us with materials and content which can be spread amongst your peers. We'll work with you to deliver these to the wider group and not only will you get your name out there, you'll make money too!

Benefit from our strategic partnerships

As an XLR8 License holder you will benefit from some of the key strategic partnerships we have developed. These partners offer a wide range of discounts, knowledge and training materials which can help benefit you and your clients.

  • R80 Rugby
  • VX Sport
  • XLR8
  • PlayM8

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