Background and Mission Statement

XLR8 International is a limited liability company based in New Zealand and a part of the Speed Power and Stability family of businesses. Whilst it operates independently and under different management/ ownership, XLR8 does have a close working relationship and will continue to do so, thus allowing you to benefit from the partnerships we have fostered since 2004. XLR8 quickly established itself as the coaching, education and training division within SPSS.

SPSS was established on family values in 1999. Like any family it set out to grow and inspire others. In each of its siblings (R80, PlayM8 and XLR8) it has found new challenges and rewards. But some things remain the same, to be a leader in sports equipment and training, along with providing customer service which is second to none. After all it's the customers that are our long lost cousins in this family. We don’t see you all the time, but when we do, there is plenty to catch up on and your goals remain our passion.

The SPSS group aspire to be recognised globally as a leader in promoting healthy minds and bodies through our passion for products and education. We are having fun doing what you love. It is with that that our global family wants to deliver our (Internal/External) customers a positive and successful experience every time in a relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you were born to win, or play the game at the grassroots, we are there to evalu8 your needs, gener8 solutions and acuml8 profitable business. This will be achieved by working like all good teams in an open and inclusive environment.

Nothing sums up our approach better than these 3 words:

People - Performance – Passion

All the best – The XLR8 International Team